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Government Of Assam Secretariat Administration

Manav Sampada/ HRMS

Manav Sampada, also known as Human Resource Management System is a generalized human resource management solution for government departments to help them in decision making and monitoring of manpower planning, recruitments, postings, promotions and transfers. The major focus of Manav Sampada is maintaining electronic record of service book of all Government employees.

Benefits of Manav Sampada:

  • Employees’ useful service information to be recorded in electronic form as e-Service Book. This creates a searchable employee service book database.
  • Reduces the manual effort in maintaining service book with timely updation of their transactions like promotions, transfer, increment, joining, relieving, departmentalproceedings and so on.
  • Role based system eliminates the redundant paper work performed as various levels resulting in faster disposal of work.
  • Query based system for effective decision making for manpower planning, transfer, deployment, recruitment etc.
  • Elimination of inconsistent record keeping.
  • Employees can view their Service books and any discrepancy can be brought to the notice of relevant authorities by the employees themselves. This introduces an element of transparency in the system.


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